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Movie Reels of the Mind: A Book and Game about Visualization

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

movie reels of the mind teaches kids to use visualization as a coping skill.

The game teaches how to use your senses in visualization.

Movie Reels of the Mind is a book and game that helps children use visualization to overcome fears and anxiety, to feel grounded and safe, and to envision overcoming an obstacle. Visualization is a powerful cognitive behavioral skill to take control of thoughts and point them in a positive direction.

teaching kids to watch a movie in their minds can help them fall asleep without fears.

This book walks kids through the process of using visualization. They will learn how to picture a place they would like to go, picture a favorite memory, and watch their favorite show in their mind. They will learn how to try to include all their senses in the experience. The book addresses standing up to a bully, envisioning winning a ball game, and making an A on a test.

Treasures of the Heart is a book and game for self-esteem for children
Kids can envision themselves as superheroes to overcome fears.

These skills are helpful for stopping ruminating thoughts and calming down when triggered. You can use visualization anywhere and at any time. It can help children overcome nighttime fears and to fall asleep after a nightmare. Visualizing a happy memory can help a child who is grieving the loss of a family member or missing an absent parent.

The game helps children personalize the skills to their own experience. They will be able to identify how to use these skills in their daily life. The questions will guide them into thinking through the details of how to make visualization work for them.


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Movie Reels of the Mind is a book and game about visualization and using cbt skills

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