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Katie loves her fortress where she feels safe and in control.  However, when she ventures out into the village, she feels the need to wear armor to protect herself. She is suffering from social anxiety.  

Katie sees the other kids playing and realizes she is missing out on important relationships and having fun.  As she reflects on her experience, she realizes that safety can also be found in relationships.  After she changes her thoughts, she gains the confidence to leave her armor behind and approach others.  


The game incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy interventions and techniques to modify self-talk and to challenge irrational thoughts.  It also helps identify the value in relationships and to consider the cost of hiding away from others.  Kids will be able to identify coping skills to help in social situations to feel more comfortable when they are in situations that are difficult for them.


You will receive a PDF document with instructions and a link to the Google Slides document. The book and game are included in the same document with quick links for easy access.  The PDF also contains a link to a video tutorial for how to play games via Google Slides.


A physical copy of this book/game can be found here

Katie's Fortress: A Book and Game for Social Anxiety - Telehealth/Online Version

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