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Covid 19 has impacted children in many ways: fear of getting sick, missing friends, and online schooling. Some have lost family members while some are just angry at the changes.  This game is focused on processing the changes that have occurred due to the virus.  While many of the changes have had a negative impact on everyone, there is always a silver lining. The game encourages kids to think of the positives, ways to cope, and recognize the importance of connection despite distance.


There is a wide age range that this game reaches, as the basic concepts of keeping clean and respecting personal space may be more necessary for smaller children, the emotional and social impact affects everyone.  This game will give kids an opportunity to voice their feelings through a play format.  It also gives the therapist an opportunity to introduce alternative avenues to connect and cope.


This is a versatile game that can be used in individual, group, or family sessions. This game is intended to be used by a licensed professional counselor or social worker.

You will receive a PDF download with the cover, a game board, and 4 pages of cards, 12 cards per sheet. 


Set printer to print on both sides, preferably on cardstock.


This game is also available for telehealth

Pandemic: Coping with the Chaos CBT Counseling Game FREE PDFDownload

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