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About Us

Image of Tasha Milligan, LPC
My name is Tasha Milligan.  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist, providing services to children in Oklahoma through school-based counseling.

I work primarily with elementary aged children, but I also see middle school and high school kids, as well as adults. I quickly discovered that using conversation-based methods is quite ineffective when working with children. I quickly found the need to incorporate play therapy in sessions.

I give children many options in session, between working on a craft or activity, role playing with toys, and using art to process feelings.  I have found that the children almost always go to the games.  

I understand that there are many schools of thought related to effective therapy.  My decision to focus on games comes from the effectiveness I see from them.  I enjoy using play therapy and use it frequently, but without the teaching element I feel that it is slow in producing results. I am a firm believer in cognitive behavioral therapy and I look for ways to weave it in as often as possible.

I was disenchanted when I started looking online for counseling games.  Most games that I found were $50.  I did purchase a few and was not happy when the kids were bored with them after playing with them a couple of times! 

I struggled to find games that were a good fit for my goal.  I wanted cognitive behavioral concepts incorporated, and I wanted to address specific issues. This led me to design my own games to meet the need. 

I have slowly added to my toolbox over the years to develop the games I have on hand at this time.  It is my desire to spend more time developing games in the near future.

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