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You can now play our counseling games interactively online!  This game comes to you via PowerPoint or Google Slides.  You can share your screen while doing telehealth so your client can see the game. 


Be Heard in your Herd is a game to be used in family counseling.  It incorporates Solutions Focused interventions to help families focus on positive aspects of their relationship, improve communication skills, and to help family members understand the needs of others.  Topics include My Needs, Favorite Memories, Things I See in You, and My Heart’s Desire. These tackle many different aspects of interpersonal relationships, giving opportunity for each family member to speak about their desires for the family in a non-confrontational way. 


The language used in the game avoids traditional family roles, so it can be used in any family situation. It lends itself well to foster families, guardianship situations, children living with relatives, or any other situation.


You will receive a zip file with the PowerPoint version as well as a text document containing the link to the Google Slides version.  Be sure you are NOT in presentation mode while playing, as the game pieces will not move. See the attached tutorial video for more information.


This game is available as a hard copy and PDF download

Be Heard in Your Herd Telehealth / Online Version

  • You will recieve the PowerPoint file and a text document with the link to the Google Slides version of the game.

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