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Coping Skills Toolbox is a counseling game to help children learn how to implement various types of coping skills, establish healthy social skills, and manage self-talk.  It incorporates cognitive behavioral counseling through play.  This is a go-to game for counselors, as these skills can be beneficial to most mental health conditions.    


Card Topics Include:

Hammering Out Negative Thoughts - Address basic cognitive behavioral skills to stop negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts.

Leveling Out Your Emotions - Focus on emotional regulation and awareness of the emotional state.

Tightening Up Your Relationships - These cards address communication and boundaries within relationships. 

Cutting to the Heart of the Issue - Addresses underlying thoughts, beliefs, or resentments leading to negative emotions.


This game was designed to be very general to be used for a wide range of issues and in various formats. It can be used for individual, group, or family counseling.


Print out the file on cardstock paper. Set it to print on both sides, flip on the long edge. Lamination is recommended before use.  Cut cards out on the lines indicated. 


This game is also available as a hard copy and for telehealth.


Coping Skills Toolbox Digital Download

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