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Emma's Emotional Discovery is a short story and a game to help children understand the purpose of emotions and how to process them in a meaningful way. This resource covers a TON of material in a short amount of time. 

  • Externalizing behavior - aggression, anger outbursts, blaming, bullying
  • Internalizing emotions - somatic symptoms, boundary issues, people pleasing
  • Avoidance - Running from emotions, unhealthy coping mechanisms, distractions
  • Introspection - Asking questions to understand emotions and why they are there
  • Processing trauma and past hurts - understanding the need to understand what happened and how to learn from it, CBT skills, healthy coping skills
  • Communication - kids will learn how to verbally communicate what they are feeling in a meaningful way, resulting in a better emotional vocabulary and emotional awareness
  • CBT - cognitive behavior counseling is woven through the story and game to help kids learn how to challenge thoughts, rescript thoughts, focus on the positive, and to stop intrusive thoughts

For a more detailed description of the book and game, see my blog post here


Product Details:

The book/game cover, gameboard, and cards are printed on 110 lb cardstock. The interior pages of the book are printed on 64 lb paper. It is bound by a 6mm spiral. 

This resource is best for elementary-aged children, ages 4-12.


A telehealth version of this resource is now available. 


Emma's Emotional Discovery: A Book and Game to Understand Emotions

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