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Fly High is a game about resilience, flying over the difficulties of life by staying focused on the goal. Resilience is all about having a winning attitude despite the circumstances. This game helps children evaluate their thoughts and beliefs to focus on success and overcoming.


The prompts cover many different aspects of overcoming challenges including cognitive behavioral skills, body awareness, coping skills, support systems, positive thinking, growth mindset, goal setting, and living with a strategy to overcome.


For additional information about this game, visit this blog post.


Contents Include:

  • 1 Cover page with instructions
  • 1 Game board
  • 4 Page of cards (48 cards total)


You will receive a PDF download. Set printer to print on both sides. Print on cardstock. 


printed version of this game and a telehealth version are available as well.

Fly High - A CBT Game About Resilience - PDF Download

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