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Franklin has been through some hard times that have left emotional scars.  He is angry about what happened to him and lets the world know it.  He drives others away with his anger, lashing out if anyone gets too close.  A sweet girl in his class helps him learn that he has to let go of the anger to be free from the misery of his past.  He overcomes his misconceptions about forgiveness in order to finally let go of the bitterness.


This story and game are all about helping children become aware of the freedom they can experience by forgiving others.  It addresses several misunderstandings many people have about forgiveness, such as letting the person off the hook, feeling obligated to reconcile, or acting like the situation did not cause pain. They also will learn that unforgiveness hurts the victim, because the perpetrator may never even know the pain they caused. Forgiveness allows them to separate themselves from the pain of the past in order to move forward and enjoy relationships again.


Age Range

This book/game is ideal for elementary-aged children, ages 5-11.



This resource could be used for individual, group, or family counseling sessions. This game and story are not limited to counseling. Additional information about CBT concepts can be found in our CBT 101 blog post.


You will receive a PDF document with instructions and with a link to the Google Slides document. This file will contain the book and game with quick links to access the game easily.


A physical (hard) copy of this book is available here. 

Franklin Forgives - Book and Game about Forgiveness -Telehealth/Online Version

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