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 Highs and Lows is a matching game to learn about emotions.  Start by laying all the cards out on a table face down.  Players will take turns selecting 2 cards.  If they match, they will get another turn.  If the two cards do not match, it will be another players turn.


You could also play it like “Go Fish,” where each player starts with five cards.  Players will then ask another player if they have a certain card.  If they get  a match they can continue to ask for additional cards.  Once the player asks for a card that the other player does not have, they will choose a card  from the stack. 


You can use prompts during this game, such as telling a time you felt the emotion indicated when finding a match. You could also focus on empathy, having the child describe what he/she thinks others might experience with the various emotions.


It comes with 12 unique cards, each printed twice to total 24 cards.


Set printer setting to print on both sides.  Cut cards on lines provided.  It is recommended to use cardstock, as you can see through paper.


FREE Game! Highs and Lows Emotions Matching Game

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