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House of Boundaries:

  • Helps children identify appropriate boundaries in social situations
  • Children will become aware of red flags for potential problems in relationships.
  • Children will recognize that all people have strengths and weaknesses
  • Addresses online safety, exposing traumatic events, focusing conversations on appropriate topics for the situation, and looking for character qualities.
  • Children will identify various stages of relationships.
  • Can be used for individual therapy, group therapy, or family therapy.
  • Ideal for traveling therapists, as the game comes in a 9 x 12 plastic bag, taking up little space in your work bag.


Contents include:

  • Cover Sheet with instructions
  • House
  • Trivia cards
  • Who Killed the Relationship Cards - Characters, Rooms, and Weapons
  • Checklists

Lamination is recommended for durability. All pages are printed on card stock.


This game plays similar to Clue. At the beginning of the game a character, weapon, and room will be chosen and placed in an envelope. Players will receive the rest of the cards. Players will each get a checklist to help them use the process of elimination to identify who killed the friendship, with which weapon, and in what room. The player will first choose a trivia card and answer it. If they successfully answer the card, they get to make a guess of who did it. After an accusation is made, one other player in the group will lay down one card that was part of the accusation. If no players have the cards, the envelope will be opened to see if the accusation was correct. If they were correct, the player wins. Otherwise the round is over.


Through this process, children will be learning social skills and appropriate boundaries as they answer the trivia cards. The underlying goal is for children to use the house as an analogy for various aspects of life. They will learn to set boundaries based on the character qualities of the friend and to invite them into deeper aspects of their heart as trust is built. They can visualize keeping certain doors shut if they do not feel secure in the relationship.


You will receive a zip file with PDF documents of the cover sheet, instructions, the trivia cards, the playing cards, and to print the "top secret" envelope.  Set printer to print on both sides. Printing on cardstock is recommended.


This game is also available as a hard copy.

House of Boundaries Digital Download

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