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The other day I was in a session with a little boy who was very insightful.  We were talking about his anger and what he feels happening in his body while he gets angry.  He said he felt like the Hulk transforming from a calm person into a raging madman.  I can't take credit for it, but I thought the idea was too good not to share!


I created the Hulk-O-Meter to help kids pay attention to how their bodies change as they get angry. Well, I specifically made the Hulk-O-Meter for that particular little guy to remember body awareness and to use coping skills as needed.  It's no more than a deviation off of a normal anger meter, but way more fun!  I intend to use it as a conversation starter and visual with kids.  I will likely use an outline of a body to help identify what happens in their body as they get mad and to help them identify when they need to start using their coping skills so they don't "go Hulk."


Hulk-O-Meter, Anger Feelings Scale

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