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My Life game cards transform the Game of Life into a counseling game.  The game cards focus on future goals, values, and desires.  It will help the client conceptualize potential career plans, how they envision their family, and how they would like their home life to function. Therapists can incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy to help them focus on hope and an internal locus of control. The game cards facilitate opening up conversation topics to allow deeper discussion about central values.  This game is beneficial in individual or group therapy sessions.


New addition! We have added pages where kids can draw in a house or career of their choice. This will allow them to customize the game so they can play out what they desire for their future.


You will receive a zip file with 2 PDF documents. One will contain the cover sheet with instructions and 4 front and back sheets of "action" cards for the game.  The second PDF contains the houses and careers cards. It is 3 front and back pages of cards. It will have 12 non-college career cards, 12 college career cards, and 12 houses. They are all blank for children to create their own ideas.  


Set your printer to print front and back. Print on cardstock.


This is also available as a hard copy.

My Life Cards to play with the Game of Life

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