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Putting a Stop to Stealing helps children identify and process their motivations for stealing and helps them problem solve solutions. This game incorporates cognitive behavioral theory in a play format, allowing children to identify thought patterns driving their behavior. It helps children become empathetic towards others, develop thankfulness for what they have, and find alternative ways to meet needs. The child will be able to develop a plan of action to help control their behavior when tempted to steal.


Card Topics:

Stop and Think: These cards help children to consider the consequences of their actions and ways to resist impulses.

Thankfulness: Refocusing thoughts on things kids are thankful for can help combat thoughts of lack and that they need more. They help kids recognize that everyone has different things, but no one has everything. It encourages valuing what is good in their lives rather than focusing on lack.

Empathy: These cards challenge children to consider what it would be like if others stole from them. This turning of the tables can help develop a sense of empathy and compassion for others.

Making a Plan: Kids are more equipped to avoid impulsive behavior when they make a plan of action ahead of time. These cards encourage kids to establish a plan when they are not being faced with temptation. This will help them to make better choices and to find alternative ways to get their needs met.


This game is also available as a PDF download and for telehealth.

Putting a Stop to Stealing: A CBT Counseling Game Hard Copy

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