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These game cards are designed to use with games such as Chutes and Ladders, Jenga, UNO, or any other game desired. They will transform the game into a play therapy tool.  They are situational role cards that allow children to think of the consequences of behaviors. Some cards also address individual behaviors of the child and the consequences of their actions.  Many cards focus on  the social impact of impulsive behavior, which will lend these cards to being used in social skill groups or private sessions.


Through play, children will be able to identify how their choices impact their situation, either in a positive or negative way.  They will also be able to identify appropriate choices to make in the given situations. The goal is to help children to develop personal responsibility for their behavior and to think before acting.  These are perfect for children with ADHD or autism.


Cognitive behavioral therapy is incorporated into this game by helping children address their thoughts on these situations and to correct irrational thoughts, such as others making them do things and that they do not have control over their behavior.


You will receive a PDF download with the cover and instructions and 3 front and back sheets of game cards. Set your printer to print both sides. Printing on cardstock is recommended.

Rewards and Consequences Cards for Impulse Control

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