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Riding Life’s Emotional Waves is a game for adolescents who struggle with big emotions, including anger, anxiety, and depression. It helps to normalize emotional waves that come and go, helping kids to realize they will be alright on the other side. It takes away the worry that they will always feel out of control.


The cards address triggers for emotions, goals for the future, processing emotions, and finding solutions to cope. It is a low-key way to get children to consider the impact of life situations and the normal roller-coaster of emotions that teens face. They will be able to identify sources of comfort and strength to get through the difficult times.


For additional information about this game, visit this blog post.


Contents Include:

  • 1 Cover page with instructions
  • 1 Game board
  • 4 Page of cards (48 cards total)


You will receive a PDF download. Set printer to print on both sides. Print on cardstock. 


printed version of this game and a telehealth version are available as well.

Riding Life's Emotional Waves: CBT Game for Teens - PDF Download

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