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Soothe Your Soul is a CBT counseling game to teach and implement coping skills. The “Mental Escape” cards help children learn to use visualization skills to calm themselves and regain control over emotions. The “Talk it Out” card focuses on healthy communication skills and helps children recognize the benefits of talking through difficult emotions. The “Relax Your Body” cards teach progressive relaxation as well as offering other ways to relax your body when stressed or emotionally out of control.  Finally, the “Coping Strategies” cards incorporate various coping skills and prompt children to think through how to utilize these skills.  This game can be used in individual, group, or family counseling. 



You will receive a PDF download with the cover and instructions, a gameboard, and 4 front and back sheets of game cards. Set your printer to print both sides. Printing on cardstock is recommended.


This game is also available as a hard copy and for telehealth


Soothe Your Soul Coping Skill Game Digital Download

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