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Treasures of the Heart is a story and game about finding the qualities that make a person special and unique.  Each person has different gifts, talents, character qualities, passions, and desires that make them who they are.  It is all about being authentic and true to self, embracing those intricate details and qualities that make them stand out. 


In the story, Penny tries to make friends by impressing the kids. Her efforts fail and the kids are irritated with her.  She talks through the situation with her mother and learns to look within and find the qualities that set her apart.  She then uses her talents and abilities to help others, resulting in true friendship. 


The game cards are designed to help children question what is important to them, what their talents are, and their interests. These passions, giftings, and opinions can help them understand their intrinsic sense of self and to become more comfortable with their own identity.  


The game can be played in individual, group, or family counseling sessions or could be played at home with families.  This is a resource that can be used to help educate families and open dialogue about understanding the inherent traits of their children. 


You will receive a PDF document with instructions and a link to the Google Slides document that includes both the game and the ebook. The instructions also contain a video tutorial on how to use Google Slides to play games.


A physical copy of this resource is available here

Treasures of the Heart Book and Game - Telehealth Version

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