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Uniquely Brilliant helps children identify different ways people are intelligent.  People often look at reading and math skills to determine intelligence, but that is just scratching the surface!  There have been many studies done to indicate there are different ways people are smart.  This book highlights just a few of those many ways that people shine.  The goal is to help children recognize their own gifts and talents and embrace their individuality.  


This book/game can help boost children's self-concepts as they break out of the mindset that they have to fit in a specific box to be smart and valuable. Each form of intelligence is vital and necessary to our society, contributing in different ways.  We all need one another and benefit from the various talents and gifts we each have. 


This resource is designed to be used with elementary-aged children, ages 5-12.  The book is a short story, 15 pages long.  It is a quick read to introduce the concepts that will be used in the game. The game will help children identify which forms of intelligence they are strong in.  They will also be able to identify how each form contributes to others and is needed. 


The game can be played in individual, group, or family counseling sessions or could be played at home with families.  This is a resource that can be used to help educate families and open dialogue about understanding the inherent traits of their children. 


You will receive a PDF document with instructions and a link to the Google Slides document that includes both the game and the ebook. The instructions also contain a video tutorial on how to use Google Slides to play games.


A physical copy of this resource is available here

Uniquely Brilliant Book and Game - Telehealth

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