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Wanted: Positive Self-Talk is a cognitive behavioral counseling game to help children confront negative self-talk and replace them with positive, adaptive thoughts.  The game cards include several "bully" characters with negative statements.  Kids are challenged to disprove the statements and discuss how they would respond.  This will help them prepare for altercations with bullies in real life, but also to recognize hurtful comments they may be telling themselves in their minds. 


Children will become more aware of how to identify self-talk, challenge it, and stop intrusive thoughts. The goal is to improve their self-esteem/self-concept. Children will become familiar with basic CBT skills to utilize in day-to-day living. 


Players will gain a token after responding to questions during play. The game includes 3 "shoot-outs" where the players must stop and spin the wheel. One of them requires payment to tokens to move forward, and one requires going back to start. This provides a challenge to the game that most kids seem to enjoy. It can also create a trigger for emotions, allowing a chance to encourage and demonstrate appropriate coping skills. 


The game was created to be used with children ages 5-14. It can be used in individual, group, or family sessions. 


You will receive a PDF download with the cover with instructions, the gameboard, 4 front and back sheets of game cards, a sheet of tokens, and the spinning wheel.  You can use a pencil or pen to hold down a paperclip to spin, or attach a plastic spinner. 


This game is also available as a hard copy.


Wanted: Positive Self-Talk Game PDF

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