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You're a Hoot is a counseling game to address using humor in an appropriate manner.  It addresses being respectful to adults, avoiding hurtful topics, and defining the line between being funny and being a bully.  Kids enjoy being able to practice their humor in appropriate ways such as telling knock knock jokes and making silly faces.  


While fun and engaging, it also allows children to take an empathetic look at how their humor is impacting others. It also helps redirect behavior into an appropriate outlet. Card topics include "Friendly Fun," which helps kids identify the line between being funny and mean.  They will recognize tendencies that will lead to conflict or damaged relationships.  The "Respecting Adults" cards address the difference between joking with peers and adults, as well as times that humor with adults in welcome verus times it is disruptive.  The "Keeping It Clean" cards address ways to be funny without sexual undertones or jokes about offensive topics.  Finally, the "Laughing Out Loud" cards give children a chance to practice their humor during the game.


You will receive a zip file with a PowerPoint document and a text document with the link to the Google Slides version.  Do not play in presentation mode, as the links will not work.   See the attached video tutorial for more information.


This game is also available as a  hard copy and PDF download.

You're A Hoot Counseling Game- Telehealth Version

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