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Battle in my Brain is a cognitive behavioral counseling game to help kids identify self-talk, think through choices, and to consider consequences before making choices.  This game addresses temptations, coping mechanisms, and different emotions such as anger, anxiety, and sadness (including depression). They also address what it feels like to make poor choices and specific actions to try to make restitution for these poor choices. They can learn from past successes as they talk through times they have made good choices and receive positive outcomes. The questions are designed to have children challenge thoughts, embrace positive self-talk, and to improve their behavior by improving their thought life.


This game could be played in individual sessions, family sessions, or in group sessions.  It is designed to be used by a licensed mental health professional, knowledgeable in cognitive behavioral therapy. Helps are available at  Look for CBT 101 videos in the blog.


You will receive a PDF download with a cover sheet with instructions, a game board, and 4 double-sided sheets of cards.  Set printer to print on both sides, preferably on cardstock. 


This game is also available as a hard copy and for telehealth.

Battle in My Brain - CBT Counseling Game - PDF Download

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