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Battle in my Brain is a cognitive-behavioral counseling game to help kids identify self-talk, think through choices, and consider consequences before making choices.  This game addresses temptations, coping mechanisms, and different emotions such as anger, anxiety, and sadness (including depression). They also address what it feels like to make poor choices and specific actions to try to make restitution for these poor choices. They can learn from past successes as they talk through times they have made good choices and received positive outcomes. The questions are designed to have children challenge thoughts, embrace positive self-talk, and improve their behavior by improving their thought life.


The topics on the game cards include:

  • Deep Darkness - These cards address depression and coping with dark thoughts.
  • Angry Thoughts - These cards help kids find ways to process anger and use skills to turn off the fight or flight response.
  • Tough Decisions - Sometimes kids feel like they are in no-win situations. These cards help kids work on problem-solving skills and encourage kids to seek wisdom when feeling stuck.
  • Peaceful Heart - How does one find peace? These cards help kids find ways to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict in relationships as well as identify people, places, and activities that are peaceful.
  • Guilty Conscience - We all make mistakes.  Carrying the guilt is not helpful for needed.  These cards help kids identify situations they need to process and let go of guilt and possibly take action to make things right.
  • Temptation - Kids will learn ways to identify sources of temptation and ways to say no and avoid pitfalls.
  • Good Vibes - It's always helpful to build on strengths.  These cards help identify when things have gone well and how to keep the good vibes flowing.
  • Danger! - These cards help kids think through what to do in dangerous situations and to respond to their bodies' response to danger. Kids will become more aware of why they experience anxiety and how to control it.


This game could be played in individual sessions, family sessions, or in group sessions.  It is designed to be used by a licensed mental health professional, knowledgeable in cognitive behavioral therapy. Helps are available at  Look for CBT 101 videos in the blog.


You will receive a zip file with the PowerPoint version as well as a text document containing the link to the Google Slides version.  Be sure you are NOT in presentation mode while playing, as the game pieces will not move. See the attached tutorial video for more information.


This game is also availabel as a PDF download and as a hard copy.

Battle in My Brain - CBT Counseling Game - Telehealth Version

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