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I have created a catalog of games I use in my counseling room on Google Slides. I thought it would be a good resource for other counselors as well. You will start with a list of presenting problems. When you click on one, such as anxiety, it will take you to a slide with games to help with that issue. When you click on a game, it will take you to a slide with details about the game, how it is helpful, and where to find it.


It is saved on my Google Drive, and open to editing by others. I would love for everyone to list their favorite games to use in therapy as a resource, making it a robust list of ideas for everyone to use. My desire is to keep all of the games affordable, not over $20. Please feel free to share and encourage others to add their ideas as well.


To add games, you will create a new slide with the information about the game. Please position it so that it is in alphabetical order. You will then post a picture of the game under the category that it falls under. Next, link the game to the slide you created.


I would like to keep all of these resources game related. I think it would be fantastic to create another source similar to this with play therapy ideas. To respect the intellectual property of others, please link back to the original source.