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           Hot Headed is a game to help children regain control of their bodies when they are triggered with anger. It incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy skills to help them gain control of their thoughts. Kids will learn to use coping skills to calm down when they are upset and to make better choices.


Card Topics Include: 

  • Ways to feel safe
  • Triggers
  • Controlling self-talk
  • Making a plan to control outbursts
  • Understanding the body's response to anger
  • Identifying support figures
  • Coping skills


Contents Include:

1 Cover sheet with instructions

1 Gameboard

4 Sheets of cards, front and back (48 cards)


You will receive a PDF download. Set printer to print on both sides. Print on cardstock. 


Don't want to print and package it? We'd be happy to ship it to you. The physical copy can be found here. A telehealth version is also available here.

Hot Headed - A Game to Help Manage Anger

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