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I Can't Unsee It is a short book with an accompanying counseling game to help children process trauma.  It helps explain what happens in the body when trauma occurs and what kids can do to process the trauma to feel better.  This book and game use CBT skills to process the trauma, challenge irrational thoughts and beliefs and help rescript the situation.  


The game is intentionally vague on what Lulu, the main character, has experienced. Lulu is struggling to focus in class, can't sleep at night, and has intrusive thoughts of the horrible thing that she saw.  These are all common symptoms of children who have experienced trauma.  The book helps explain why intrusive thoughts occur as well as explaining repression of memories and dissociation. 


The game covers many topics to help children heal.  They will be introduced to many CBT skills to help with thoughts related to their trauma.  They will also be prompted to discuss what happened, the symptoms they experience, triggers, and many other aspects related to trauma and PTSD.  Coping skills are introduced to help with calming the body and regaining control over emotions. 


You will receive a PDF download with instructions and a link to the Google Slides document which contains both the ebook and the game. It has quick links to easily access the game.


A physical copy of this resource is available here


I Can't Unsee It: A Book and Game for Trauma - Telehealth/Online Version

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