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Mario’s Emotional Knot is a story about a boy who is having a rough day, feeling overwhelmed and out of control. He doesn’t know what he is feeling or why.  He learns that sometimes emotions build up inside, creating an emotional knot. Different emotions are all tied up together and it’s hard to make sense of what he is feeling.  He learns that as he talks through his emotions, it releases the knot, resulting and feeling at peace again.


The story introduces the idea of how emotional knots are formed and the process to release pent-up emotion to feel better.  A game is on the back cover of the book to help kids continue to learn concepts, verbally communicate their emotions, and identify how to overcome negative feelings. Cards help children use “I-Statements” to assertively communicate emotion, normalizing healthy communication. This will also help them to develop an emotional vocabulary to better comprehend and communicate how they feel. They also incorporate cognitive-behavioral concepts to replace intrusive, negative self-talk statements.  These would include negative opinions about themselves, assumptions about others, or believing irrational thoughts that popped in their heads.


Age Range

This book/game is ideal for elementary-aged children, ages 5-11.



This resource could be used for individual, group, or family counseling sessions. With the explanation for the concepts in the book, it also lends itself to use outside of a counseling environment.  Extra help with understanding CBT concepts can be found in our CBT 101 blog post.


The book/game cover, gameboard, and cards are printed on 110 lb cardstock. The interior pages of the book are printed on 64 lb paper. It is bound by a 6mm spiral. 


You can find the telehealth version of this resource here

Mario's Emotional Knot: A Story and Game About Processing Emotions

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