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Emotions can change quickly and can feel like a roller-coaster. People who are led by their emotions can feel out of control and vulnerable when their emotional state changes. This book helps children understand the different reasons for their emotions and how there are typical cycles that people experience throughout life.


In the book, spring describes a time of new things but also a time when things seem fragile and undeveloped. Summer represents a time when all seems calm, stable, and happy. Fall represents a season of change and instability. This would include fears and anxiety about the unknown. Winter represents a season of sadness and loss. Each season serves its purpose and has its place, but it doesn't last forever. Kids recognize that seasons will come and go, so the goal is to help them recognize that the emotional season will also change with time.

A main concept of the book is learning to embrace the moment and learn from the season they are in. Each difficulty in life provides a learning opportunity and a way to grow. It also helps them gain mastery over their feelings so they don't feel so out of control based on life circumstances.

The game follows up to help children recognize their own experiences with emotional ups and downs, triggers for feelings, and what they have learned from their experiences. They can communicate their personal journey and process ways to find the good in the situation and redirect thoughts towards hope and overcoming the challenge.


You will receive a spiral-bound book, approx 9 x 8.5." The cover and game cards are printed on cardstock. The book pages are printed on paper.  The book portion is 14 pages.  There are 4 sheets of game cards, totaling 48 cards. The game board is printed on the inside of the back cover.  You can tape a ziplock back to the inside of the front cover for easy storage of the game cards. 


This book/game is now available for telehealth.

Seasons of the Soul: A Book and Games for Emotional Regulation

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