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Spirit of the Tribe is a social skills game to help children understand the language of friendship, social cues and norms, and how to take action to find a group of friends where they belong. This game will help children recognize positive values, focus on shared hobbies and activities, and to build strong relational skills to solidify relationships. 

Topics include “Removing the Mask” which discusses difficulties in social situations, anxiety, and avoidance.  “Tribal Talk” teaches communication skills, “Fun Times” helps focus on the positive aspects of friendship and how to set goals for getting together with friends, and “ Friendship Goals” discusses values and expectations in friendship.


You will receive a PDF download with the cover and instructions, a gameboard, and 4 front and back sheets of game cards. Set your printer to print both sides. Printing on cardstock is recommended.


This game is also available as a hard copy and for telehealth

Spirit of the Tribe Digital Download

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