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The Trail of Fears was designed to help children address fears and anxiety through a play format in therapy.  This game incorporates cognitive-behavioral theory in addressing irrational thoughts.  It includes identifying triggers to fears, coping skills, and thought stopping and replacement techniques.  This game will assist counselors in training children to pay attention to their thoughts and how they impact emotions.  It will also allow children to practice using coping skills in session.  This is an excellent game to play before Halloween. 


Contents include:

¨ 1 game board

¨ 1 instruction sheet

¨ 72 game cards

¨ 6 pawns

¨ 1 die


This game is also available as a PDF download and for telehealth.

Trail of Fears - Preprinted A CBT Counseling Game for Anixety, Fears, and Phobia

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