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It's Time to Rebuild the Family

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

It's time to rebuild the family

The family unit is the building block for society and it has fallen into disrepair. Single-parent homes are now the norm and adult children have become disconnected from their parents. Children are being mentored and nurtured by electronic devices. We have grown cold. Broken. Collapsing.

The fragmented family is leading to fragmented children who are being set up to fail in life. Children need modeling, structure, and care to thrive. They need not only a two-parent home to provide a well-rounded worldview, but they also need their extended family to pour in the rich history and values of the family. Grandparents have a legacy of history, a wealth of knowledge, and skills that the younger generation may not possess. This connectedness with grandparents provides a rich field of nurture and growth for children.


In "the good 'ole days" families would come together and tell stories. Back before television, video games, and cell phones, stories would provide entertainment. They would be stories about faith, values, family history - heritage. Children would have a sense of history, purpose, and a value system to live by. Adults in their lives would incite a sense of purpose in them. They had a place where they belonged.

The old way of doing things certainly had its faults and was not perfect by any standard. We have learned over the years what it takes for children to thrive. However, our society and the family system has disintegrated. What would it look like if we had the connectedness of the old family system with the nurturing, attached systems of care we now know are so vital for children? What would it look like if families were intentional about gathering, loving, and supporting one another? What would it look like if children learned from a young age how to manage their emotions, resolve conflict, and communicate assertively? How many marriages would be saved? How many homes would flourish?

I'm challenging each person, young and old, to soul search. What do you want for your family? What actions are you willing to take to reconnect? What are you willing to give for the sake of those you love? How can you put a stop to the cycle of collapse in your family?

Our world has taken a mighty hit and we are wounded and hurting. We need each other. It's time to come together. It's time to reconnect. It's time to love.


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