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Medieval Minds: Understanding the Fight, Flight, or Freeze Response

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

medieval minds is a game to help children with anger and anxiety by controlling the fight, flight, or freeze response.

Medieval Minds is a game to help children learn about the fight, flight, or freeze response and to help them implement coping skills to manage strong emotions. It opens the door to communication about triggers causing emotional meltdowns, making a plan to better cope in the future, and to become more aware of body signals and self-talk. Children will have an opportunity to learn how to override this automatic response by taking actions to tell their body that they are safe. They will also be able to identify people who can offer support and help when they need it.

I have included 3 YouTube videos on page 13 that may be useful in helping children learn more information about the response and how their brains process threats. One is Dr. Siegel demonstrating how to use his Hand Model of the Brain. One is specifically about the fight, flight or freeze response, and another is a more illustrated explanation of the Hand Model. More tutorials of basic CBT skills addressed in this game can be found at on my YouTube channel.


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