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Creative Ways to Use Angry Birds in Play Therapy

Creative ways to use angry birds in play therapy

Angry Birds has been a precious gift to counselors. It was made for us. There are SO many ways to use angry birds to help children process emotions, understand emotions, and to overcome negative and intrusive thoughts. This post includes free games, worksheets, videos, and toys to help kids.

Disclaimer: These ideas need to be impelmented with proper training and intention. Know your treatment modality and use these ideas as tools to supplement your counseling skills. Play therapy training is highly recommended.

Free angry birds workbook printable

by The Homsechool Teacher

I've been using this printable book for years. It is a staple for my coping skill toolboxes that I send home with each of my kiddos. It is a free download and is FANTASTIC! It covers a lot of ground with anger: identifying triggers, support systems, and coping skills to regain control. It allows me to help kids develop a plan for their anger in a cute little coloring book they can take home with them. Check out the links on her site, as she has updates with new angry bird characters and defines the characters to give more depth to the activity.

Angry Birds pom pom take home toys

by Make and Takes

These are super cute. It would be a fun way to allow kids to create their own Angry Bird to take home. Follow the link above for a video tutorial for how to make this cute little Angry Birds and pigs.

Angry Birds magnet set printable template

by Artists Helping Children

This link has free printable templates to create magnets you could put on a metal cabinet or desk for kids to play with in therapy sessions.


How to use flannel boards in play therapy

angry birds bean bag toss instructions

by Sew Cake Make

I love everything about this. It would be durable and thin enough that it should be easy to store. It is beautiful. I doubt I could pull it off with my poor woodworking skills, but if wordworking is your thing... I DO think I could make the angry bird bean bags though. They would definitely come in handy! The author provides instructions for how to make the board for the bean bag toss and offers a link for the templates to make the bean bags.

angry birds bowling game

by Hostess with the Mostest

Wow! This site has all things Angry Birds to the extreme. If you plan to throw an Angry Birds themed party be sure to check this one out! These two ideas are super simple and could be used once then disposed of. Sometimes it is fun to have big movement games with kids to process emotions and let out pent up emotions. You could have kids write things they have been angry about on the pig balloons then pop them or on the bottles then bowl them over. So many options come to mind!

Angry Birds Knock on Wood game

Angry Birds Knock on Wood

by Mattel

Kids love this game!! I've been using it for years in my room and it is my go to resource for teaching kids how to recognize self-talk, challenge negative or irrational thoughts, and replace thoughts with "truth bombs." Here is an article that offers more details on what to do.

Counseling games for anger
Angry Birds Truth Bomb Free PDF download

by Pathways to Peace

Sometimes it can be hard to find the above game, so I made a little card game that uses CBT skills to help children "blow up" negative thoughts with "truth bombs." This little game walks them through the process. Get your free PDF download.

Angry Birds Finger puppets

by Lynnie's Wilde Creations

You could make some Angry Bird finger puppets with this idea. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a tutorial to show how to do it. Visit this link for more puppet ideas.

Angry birds twister game

by Unknown

Brilliant! You can add some features and turn Twister into an Angry Birds version of the game. So fun!

angry birds masks

by Our Potluck Family

Enjoy free printable masks from this site. It would be a great way to engage in story telling allowing children to act out their own scripts.

Counseling games to promote social skills
Angry Birds lego kit

by Lego

This is pricey, but wow!! If you are a die hard Lego and Angry Bird fan, it might be worth the investment. I can only imagine seeing the eyes of the kids popping out when they walk in and see it! Amazing. Don't miss this list of creative ways to use Lego in play therapy.

DIY Angry Bird Stress Balls

Movie Clips

Therapy Session

Lesson on Emotions

When Your Anger Leaves You Isolated:

I hope you enjoy these Angry Birds ideas! There are so many ways to use them in counseling. I'm sure there are many more ideas as well. Feel free to let us know your favorite ways to use Angry Birds in the comments.


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