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Family: The Greatest Show on Earth - a Family Counseling Game

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

A family therapy game addressing roles, family interactions, and habits.

Snowmeggedon 2021 has provided a great opportunity for creativity! This is game #3 that has been completed while being cooped up inside. I have a couple of others in the works - one that I'm really excited to see come together. I'm waiting for my little artist to finish her work. But, this one was a really fun one to put together.

The game helps families become aware of roles, family needs, and ways to improve connections.

This is an interactive game to help families open up communication, identify problem areas, and allows for a non-confrontational way to voice concerns. It is written with language to allow it to be used by any family constellation—avoiding terms such as mother, father, brother, and sister. The cards are designed to address a myriad of issues, such as division of workload, who is in charge, how the family overcomes challenges, and the communication style in the home.

This game can be used as an assessment tool, as many diverse issues can appear. Counselors should also pay attention to how the family members behave while playing. Do they encourage one another? Do they give hostile body language based on answers they do not like? Do they respond with empathy, or the lack thereof? It can also offer an opportunity to model appropriate behavior and communication.


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