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Be Heard in Your Herd - A Family Counseling Game

Updated: Jan 1

be heard in your herd is a family counseling game

Families who are struggling at home need a way to connect and refocus on what really matters. Be Herad in Your Herd is a counseling game designed to focus on the good things at home and to encourage the family to build one another up. Family members will share favorite memories, affirmations, and be able to gently communicate needs in a positive way.

The language used in this game avoids the use of traditional family terms such as mom, dad, brother, sister, etc. This allows it to be used in any family constellation type whether it is a foster family, grandparents raising grandchildren, or any other situation. The goal is to promote positive interactions so that when the family leaves the situation they feel uplifted and encouraged.

There are four sets of cards in the game:

family members will share positive affirmations and encouragment with these cards.

Family members will share affirmations and words of encouragement in response to the "Things I See in You" prompts. Family members consistently get excited when they see these cards being selected, anticipating a family member having to say something nice.

Players will share goals, dreams and passions when responding to the My Heart's Desire cards.

I have seen families shocked to hear some of the anwers to these prompts. They had no idea what was in the heart of their loved one. Most people have a deep desire to be known by their family but do not know how to go about sharing issues of the heart. This game provides an outlet for them to share goals, dreams, and passions.

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Each person can share their needs and wants in the family with the My Needs cards.

Every person is wired a little differently with different needs. People often assume that other people have the same needs and wants that they have. These cards offer a chance for family members to vocalize their needs so that their family can be responsive to those needs.

Focusing on favorite memories can restoke the flame of love in a family who has been through hard times.

Sometimes in the chaos of life we lose track of what really matters. The stress and frustrations of today can cloud our perpective and lead to heated moments. Going back and reflecting on the good times can be grounding in relationships. It helps them consider what really matters. These cards help families look back at happy, connected moments to reframe their perspective. It can also help motivate them to be intentional about creating new memories.

be heard in your herd gameboard

Be Heard in Your Herd is a heart warming counseling game for families. If you are aiming to build at atmosphere for connection, this is a great way to do it. The game is available as a hard copy, a PDF download and for telehealth.


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Be Heard in Your Herd is a family counseling game

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