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Remembering Sparky: Processing the Loss of a Pet

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

A game to help children process grief and loss related to the death of a pet.

This game allow children to process emotions related to their furry friend dying.

I have heard some tragic stories of children losing their pets. Between natural disasters, natural death, or an attack from another animal, these losses are hard! Pets are often considered family members and the pain from the loss can run deep. Counseling resources for this area seem to be scarce.

Games you can play to help children process grief
The game comes with instructions for how to play.

This game allows children to honor the memory of their pet, process the pain of loss, and find meaningful ways to feel remember their pet. The game cards are designed to address loss from different angles. The “Favorite Memories” cards focus on remembering the good times with the pet. “Tragic Moments” cards address how they learned of the loss or what they saw happen to their pet. “Processing the Pain” cards help introduce coping skills to manage strong feelings. The “What Would You Do” cards are scenarios so children can think through how they would respond to the scenario or how they would offer comfort to someone going through a similar situation.


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