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Round-Up of Zones of Regulation Activities and Materials

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

a round-up of zones of regulation resources

Over the past few years, many resources for the Zones of Regulation have popped up. The zones help kids become aware of the levels of emotion they experience. Blue represents being slow, down, or sluggish. Green represents being calm, focused, and ready to learn. Yellow signals caution that the mood is elevated and is getting out of hand. Red represents an elevated, out-of-control mood. The goal is to help kids move towards the green zone so they are in control of their emotions and bodies and are ready to learn and get along with others at school.

This is a round-up of printables, games, signage, and activities to help children learn about the zones and how to use them to regulate emotions. These resources can provide foundational training and information for kids to use early on in counseling while developing rapport. Once kids are able to regulate, they will be in a better position to explore the deeper issues causing emotional anguish.

zones of regulation free printbales

by He's Extraordinary

If you are looking for printables, this site has some good ones. These are some helpful printables to teach kids about the zones of regulation. They are easy to read, aesthetically pleasing, and free!

zones of regulation children's books

by The OT Toolbox

This article offers a list of books related to the zones. Many lessons, exercises, and coping mechanisms can be introduced through these books. Many of these can be used for deeper dives on different presenting problems. Be sure to check Teachers-Pay-Teachers for activities that go along with these stories. There are some good, free resources available.


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zones of regulation printable charts with characters

by The Crafty OT

These charts are handy little printables that offer some popular characters. Kids tend to be more engaged and responsive when their favorite characters are utilized in the resources. If you are looking for engaging feelings charts, I have a free Hulk-O-Meter PDF download for kids to recognize levels of anger.

zones of regulation minions bulletin board

by Lisa Cronin

Need a bulletin board idea? This one would offer a daily reminder to kids to monitor their emotional state. I like the bright colors and simplicity of the design.

zones of regulation printable with inside out characters

by Colors and Kindergarten

I like the combo of zones and a feeling chart at this site. They would be helpful for younger kids who have not yet learned to read.

zones of regulation digital slides for discussion prompts

by Power Puff Primary

This is an online option for those doing telehealth. The graphics are cute!


coping skills games to use in counseling


regulation bingo printable

by Little SEL

This is an inexpensive printable from TPT. It would be great for groups to help kids better understand the zones and how to calm their bodies.

zones of regulation holiday edition game

by California Counselor

This game is designed to be played on the computer, lending itself nicely to telehealth practitioners.


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