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Spin the Wheel! A Telehealth Idea

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Spin the Wheel counseling game

Is it just me, or is play therapy via Telehealth tough!? My kiddos are used to playing games and were expectant of creativity during our sessions. Since I can't do my normal board game varieties, I decided to make this wheel. The front of the board has a wheel with 8 colors and on the back I glued 8 envelopes with matching colors. I wrote out questions on index cards to put in the envelopes. For individual sessions 1-2 cards per envelope is usually enough, but for group sessions I like to have 4 cards per envelope.

I can't claim this to be a novel idea. Years ago a friend of mine made this for our kids Sunday school class and I thought it was brilliant! I made one for my therapy room about 6 years ago and the kids loved it!! I like that you can individualize the cards for each kid. They always seem willing to answer the questions because it is by "chance" that the card is in there.


Creative Intervention Round-up: Cheap and Easy


You will need 2 sheets of foam board, 1 small pencil or rod (approx 4 inches), 3-4 rubber bands, markers, 8 small envelopes, glue, and an X-acto knife.

Create cards specific for client needs

1. Draw a circle on one sheet of foam board filling as much space as possible. Use a ruler to mark the circle into 8 sections, or pie pieces. Color each piece a different color.

2. Cut out the circle with your knife.

3. Poke a hole through the center of the circle and position it where you want it on the other foam board. Poke a hole through the other piece of foam board where you would like to attach it.

4. To attach the circle, insert the pencil and put a rubber band around the back and another on the front of it. Insert the pencil into the whole piece of foam board and then put another rubber band on the back side of the board to hold it in place.

5. Color the envelopes to match the colors on the wheel.

6. Glue envelopes to the back side of the board.

7. Draw an arrow on the main board above the circle.

DIY SPinner game

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