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Uniquely Brilliant: A Story and Game about Multiple Intelligences

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

a book and a game about multiple intelligences
kids can feel confident in their abilities when they embrace their own gifts and talents

Uniquely Brilliant is a book/game to help children identify their own unique blend of intelligence. Most intelligence tests focus primarily on reading and math skills, but there are so many other forms of intelligence! This book scratches the surface by introducing many types of intelligence, such as music, athletic ability, art, emotional intelligence, being in tune with nature, and having a deep understanding of yourself.

understanding weather patterns and the ability to work with plants and animals highlights the nature smarts

Some people are incredibly talented in building things, robotics, all different forms of science, and having incredible survival skills. Most people have a blend of several different forms of intelligence to create specific abilities and understanding that may be mind-blowing to others. However, if kids only consider intelligence as book smarts, they may ignore that masterful design they have within them. The goal of this book and game is to help children grow in self-confidence and stir a flame of desire to seek after their innate abilities rather than try to fit into the typical mold.

Counseling interventions to help children understand their bodies
all the different forms of intelligence are needed for society to function well. This game helps kids feel confident in their own niche.

The game takes the information from the book and asks questions to help children identify their strengths and weaknesses. They can also consider how they rely on others to meet needs when they are weak in an area, highlighting the point that all the different forms of intelligence are needed for us to have functioning communities. Self-discovery leads to growth empowers them to focus on strengths instead of weaknesses.

This game/book is a powerful resource for children struggling with thier self-esteem and trying to find their place in the world. It can also help build confidence in social situations so they do not feel compelled to compare themselves to others.


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Uniquely Brilliant is a book and game about multiple intelligences to build a sense of self-worth in children.


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