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Treasures of the Heart - A Story and Game About Intrinsic Value

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Treasures of the Heart is a book and game about finding individual gifts, talents and abilities.

Treasures of the Heart is a story and game combo. The story addresses finding intrinsic value by finding character traits, talents, and passions that set a person apart from others. It is about being authentic and embracing individuality instead of trying to blend in with the crowd.

The story is about a girl named Penny who desperately wants to be liked by kids at school. She tries to impress them with expensive clothes and belongings, only to be considered a snob. She tries to play with the popular crowd, believing others will accept her if they accept her, however, they are not interested. Finally, she tries to make others laugh by goofing off in class, only to get in trouble.

She discusses the situation with her mom who tells her to search within and find the treasures in her heart. She had been so busy trying to be liked that she hadn’t searched within to find her value. As she discovers special characteristics about herself, she learns that her gifts are there to be a blessing to others. As she uses her gifts to be a blessing, others value her and appreciate her true self.

The game follows up with questions to help children find the gifts, talents, and passions that set them apart. Questions will help children explore things that are external versus internal values. The questions will help bring awareness of the basic building blocks of identity and question building their identity on what others think instead of based on their true self.


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