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Color Your World – An Art-Themed CBT Game

Color Your World - A CBT Counseling Game

Your life is a blank canvas and you are the artist. What will you fill it with? This is the metaphor behind Color Your World. Children will explore their dreams and goals and find ways to take steps to achieve those goals. This game helps kids develop an internal locus of control, having a sense of control over the direction of their lives.

There are eight card categories, each challenging kids to explore life from different perspectives or to learn new skills:

Colorful emotions help children communicate emotions.

Colorful Emotions – Life is full of big emotions. These cards can help kids unload pent-up emotions and discuss triggers for their feelings.

Erase Mistakes - instead of running from mistakes, learn from them.

Erase Mistakes – We all mess up from time to time. Wouldn’t it be nice to erase the mistake? It can be helpful to look at mistakes as learning opportunities. We don’t enjoy it when bad things happen, but we can grow and be better prepared for life when we overcome challenges.

Blank Canvas - Image life as a blank canvas and you are the painter. You can fill it as you desire.

Blank Canvas – These cards focus on imagining what you want life to look like. Kids can dream big and consider what they want in their lives in the future. Sometimes just vocalizing these dreams brings motivation to work hard and stay focused.

Brush it Off - don't let the little things ruin your day

Brush it Off – Kids will learn how to handle disappointments and conflicts with others. Kids will be challenged not to let frustrations ruin their day or attitude.

Self-Protection - healthy boundaries provide self-protection for functional relationships

Self-Protection – Sometimes boundaries must be put in place for self-protection. Kids will brainstorm ways to set boundaries with others to have healthy relationships.

Counseling interventions for brain education

Your Palette- kids will talk about their favorite things

Your Palette – Children will explore their favorite things and goals with these prompts. It is good to take note of these things, as they are likely coping skills or could be used for visualization.

Tools for success - coping skills and CBT skills

Tools for SuccessCoping skills will be introduced to help kids cope with frustrations and big emotions. Problem-solving skills are also discussed.

Stay Sharp - Learn CBT skills to overcome negative self-talk

Stay Sharp – CBT skills are highlighted to help children be aware of their self-talk and skills they can use to stop intrusive thoughts and focus on positive things.

The gameboard is full of color and fun!

This is a colorful way to dig deep with kids and explore dreams and hopes for the future but also process the frustrations and problems of today. Each set of cards will have one drawing prompt, allowing a creative outlet during the game. There is also one card in each set of prompts that will send the player to a different picture on the gameboard, adding a challenge.


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Color Your World is a CBT art themed game for children


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