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Quarreling Squirrels: A Book/Game About Conflict Resolution

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

a book and game for conflict resolution in siblings

Quarreling Squirrels is a book and game for conflict resolution and helping siblings get along. It helps children recognize the positive, unique qualities in each other and to value strengths. The game challenges kids to focus on problem-solving and working past conflict rather than allowing bad attitudes to dominate the relationship.

identify triggers for sibling arguments and find ways to resolve conflict

Quarreling Squirrels is a book and game about some squirrels who just can't get along. Mama Squirrel sends them out to collect acorns to prepare for winter, but they pester each other so much they make a mess of things. Mama gives them a good talking to and they realize they are going to have to learn to work together or starve all winter. In the process, they discover good qualities about each other and are able to enjoy being together.


Seasons of the Soul is a book and game about cycles of emotions.
the game helps children find positive qualities of siblings to build on strengths in relationships.

The book is a short read to introduce the idea of how to overcome conflict. The game drives home the points by making it personal for the children playing the game. They will be able to identify triggers for conflict, ways to resolve conflict, and how to be intentional about creating positive experiences. The goal is to build on the positive aspects of the relationship and to focus on showing love and respect for one another.


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