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Highs and Lows Free Emotions Matching Card Game

Highs and Lows is a Free Emotions Matching game wiht anime type characters

Highs and Lows can be played as a matching game or you can play like Go Fish. The game comes with 12 unique characters symbolizing different emotions. The custom art was created by my daughter, Jaden Milligan. She created the characters with an anime-type style that the kids enjoy. Older elementary kids and middle school kids are all about anime these days!

Anime style characters with different emotions

Matching Game

To play the matching game, lay all the cards face down on a table. Each player will flip over two cards. If they match, they will hold on to the cards and go again. If they do not match, the next player will try to get a match. The game will continue until all the cards have been matched up. The player with the most matches will win.

Highs and lows free card game

Go Fish

Go Fish is a matching game as well. Each player will start with five cards. The first player will ask for a card from another player. If a match is made the player will get another turn. If the other player does not have a match, the turn will end and the player will draw a card. The next player will then take their turn. This will continue until all matches are found. Once again, the player with the most matches wins the round.

Highs and Lows cover page

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Use as Discussion Cards

You can lay all the cards out on a table (or in a shuffled deck) and have a player choose a card. They will then discuss a time they experienced that emotion. You can switch up the prompts each round if you would like. Here are some examples:

· What is something that would happen to cause someone to feel this way?

· What would you do to help someone feel better if they experienced this emotion?

· Tell about a situation that provokes this emotion.

· Who is someone who draws out this emotion in you?


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