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Telehealth Games are Here!

It has been a busy week converting files and LOTS of trial and error, but I think we are up and running! You can now play PTP games online during telehealth sessions. Telehealth is a new beast. Play therapy is definitely not the same and holding the attention of little ones is a challenge to say the least. Hopefully, having these interactive files will make the process a little bit easier.

The files were created in PowerPoint, but can also be used on most devices via Google Slides. They are semi-functional on a phone. You can follow the links, but the pawns will not move if you try on the phone. I haven't yet figured out how to do the card games. Please let me know if you have ideas!

Here is a short tutorial to show how the games work:

For the next week (July 12-18, 2020) these files will be 25% off, so check them out soon! Also, if you have purchased a game already and want the telehealth version, email me a selfie with your game and I'll give you a coupon for 50% off. Feedback is appreciated. Please email me with any issues or concerns you may have.

Visit the Telehealth / Online store here:

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