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Stuck in the Middle: A Story and Game about Divorce

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

A book and game to help children process divorce
kids of divorce often feel stuck in the middle and responsible for their parents communication and emotions.

Stuck in the Middle is about a girl’s journey through her parents’ divorce. It starts with the strain of fighting in the family and how her parents grew apart. She then experiences sharing her time between two homes. Her parents recognize her sadness and try to make things better by taking her to fun places and giving her gifts.

Divorce causes all sorts of changes children must work through

She has many emotions as she processes the changes that have happened in her world. It takes some time, but she learns to cope with the changes and her heart opens to loving new people who are introduced to her family. At the end of the story, her mom meets someone new, and a stepdad is introduced.


A Roadmap for parenting - links to helpful resource for many parenting needs
The goal is to help children feel supported and cared for, able to love freely without guilt.

The game allows children to reflect on their own stories and the changes they have experienced. Each child will have a unique perspective and experience, and each family has unique dynamics. The game provides an outlet for reflecting on how the family interacts and which struggles they are experiencing.

This story/game combo could be used in individual, group, or family counseling sessions or utilized by families who want their children to process family changes in a healthy way. The story sets the stage and presents the concepts discussed in the game.

This book/game is intended for children who feel the strain of a contentious situation between their parents. Children whose parents get along may not identify with the problems in this resource. Children often feel stuck in the middle during long court battles, when parents are angry and speak poorly of one another, and when the child is expected to communicate on behalf of the adults.

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