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Affirmation Cards

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

I have found that children are quick to learn positive thinking skills, but are also quick to forget them!  Affirmation cards can help children remember to put positive thinking skills into practice.  I encourage clients to put the cards in places that they will see throughout the day to trigger positive thinking.


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Step 1:  Discuss with the child how positive thoughts lead to positive feelings and negative thoughts lead to negative feelings.

Step 2: Role play various scenarios of using fearful thoughts, angry thoughts, sad thoughts, happy thoughts and help your client identify how they would feel in those situations.  

Step 3: Help your client identify thoughts that trouble them, such as: "I'm ugly," "I'm stupid," "No one likes me."  Explain how to challenge negative thinking with positive thinking, such as "I don't like my chin, but my eyes are beautiful," "I struggle with math, but I'm great at reading," and "Johnny is mean to me, but I still have lots of friends."  

Step 4: Make affirmation cards to reinforce positive statements.

Step 5: Place cards where they will be seen throughout the day.

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