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Building Solid Relationships: Commitment is the Roof of Protection

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

commitment provides a roof of protection over your relationships

Life is full of ups and downs and different seasons. Your relationship needs to be prepared for the storms of life with commitment. It is often the commitment to a relationship that will carry a couple through a storm. Some storms are short and of little regard, but other storms pack a powerful punch. What kind of protection do you have from the storm of life in your relationship?

Many people have their breaking point. They may think I am committed to a relationship unless ____ happens. For some, it might be a trivial issue and for others, it may be a huge issue such as adultery. If you have little commitment to a relationship, do not be surprised when it disintegrates quickly. If you want your relationship to last, it will take a strong commitment.

What happens when life throws a low blow, like losing a child or major health issues? In situations like these, you can't count on the feeling of love to carry you through. You need to decide ahead of time to stay the course. If you feel like everything is falling apart and that it is beyond hope, choose to wait until after the crisis to make decisions about your relationship. Or, choose to wait it out. Sometimes you go through a season where it seems to pour down catastrophe after catastrophe. It can be relentless. Hang in there!


The storms of life are one area that the roof of commitment protects, but it also protects you from the drought seasons. There are periods in relationships where everything seems dry and dull. The things that once brought joy now seem bland and boring. The emotional high you experienced before is gone and now it is a valley of nothingness. If you are experiencing this in your marriage, you are normal. It is a season, it will pass.

There are also seasons of change that can make you feel like the ground has been taken out from under you. Or maybe a season of loss and grief. Each season comes with its own challenges. You can count on seasons to come and go. But, there are also the seasons of abundance and joy.

Relationships are like a roller coaster. Sometimes it is thrilling and full of fun and excitement. Sometimes it makes you feel sick and out of control. You may feel carefree and weightless one moment and full of pressure the next. Sometimes it is slow and steady. There are hills and valleys, good times and bad times.

No matter what season you find yourself in, you can be grounded when you know you can count on commitment. There is great comfort in knowing you are not alone and that your faithful friend will stick with you through anything. Each season builds your strength and endurance in life. Each challenge you overcome as a couple prepares you for the next season. Whether you are in a relationship or not, the seasons along with all of their challenges will come. They are easier to weather with support.


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