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The Crazy Train: A Book and Game for Conflict Resolution

The Crazy Train book and game about conflict resolution

Summer is here and siblings are driving each other nuts! This short story and game can help stop the bickering by helping kids recognize the “crazy cycle” and turn it around. The crazy cycle happens when one kid does something rude or hurtful and the other child acts out in revenge. The cycle has started. It just keeps spinning out of control with more and more chaos. The cycle can be reversed by being intentional about showing kindness and respect to one another.

The kids in the book are purposefully making each other angry.

The story is about a brother and sister who are purposefully angering one another and no one is happy, especially their mother. She steps in and explains what the crazy cycle is and how to reverse it. The kids realize that their actions have been destructive and decide to show kindness. In the end, they learn to play and get along.

They learn how the crazy cycle spins out of control and causes choas in their home.

The game challenges children to explore their own relationships to discover triggers, patterns of behavior, and communication styles that lead to problems. They can then learn how to show love and respect to one another to turn the crazy cycle around. There are eight categories of cards, each with a different focus:

Taking a time out can help turn of the fight or flight response.

Time Out – Sometimes when things get out of hand the best thing you can do is take a break. When kids are frustrated the fight or flight response is triggered. The rational part of their brain turns off and they are in survival mode. This will not end well! Taking time away will allow their bodies to calm down and then they can think of solutions to fix the problem.

Kids will learn ways to show kindess to others.

Stay Sweet – These prompts will challenge kids to think of ways to stay sweet and empathetic.

Kids will explore ways to play games without fighting.

Game OnGames can be a great way to connect with others, but they can also bring out aggression in children. Kids will identify favorite games, ways to stay calm and engaged, and learn from problems in the past.

Control issues lead to conflict. Kids will learn how to share control.

Control Issues – When someone feels that they must be in control of a situation, conflict is likely to occur. Kids will be able to process underlying issues behind the need to control so they can give freedom in their relationships.

Being kind will help turn the cycle around to sharing meaningful, engaging behaviors.

Be Kind – Kindness is the heart of reversing the revenge cycle, so another set of cards is focused on ways to show kindness and patience to others.

School zone is a gmae to help kids cope with school stressors
Kids will learn skills to resolve confict.

Problem-Solving – People often get in a rut of reacting the same way to the same situation. Kids will be challenged to discover new ways to solve problems and bring resolution to get out of bad habits.

Kids will brainstorm what it would be like to redo difficult situaitons from the past.

Retake – It can be helpful to pause and think of alternative ways to respond to situations. The retake cards help kids think of what they would do differently if they had a chance to redo a situation.

Kids will learn how to avoid revenge and forgive instead.

Crazy Train – These cards help kids recognize when they are on the crazy train and the consequences of seeking revenge. Many times, forgiveness is the best option.

crazy train game board.

The colorful game board engages kids and gives them a challenge when some of the cards will have them move to different pictures on the game board. This game can be played in individual sessions, group sessions, or with families.


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