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DIY Fidget Toy Round-Up

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

round-up of diy fidgets

Fidget toys can be helpful for kids with big emotions, but can be expensive, especially if you are trying to equip a full caseload of kids. I've scoured the internet and found some brilliant ideas that would be fun and inexpensive to make. These would be perfect to include in your coping skill toolboxes!

perler beads and paper clip fidgets

by Sensibly Sara

You can get a lot for your buck with this one. It simply uses Perler beads and paper clips to make little fidgets. These could be used to help calm anxiety, for kids with autism who need a little sensory boost, and for kids with ADHD that need an outlet for their movement needs.

diy desk fidget tool from popsicle sticks, beads, and pipe cleaners

by The OT Toolbox

These look quick and easy to make with pipe cleaners and beads. They would be helpful to keep on the desk at school. This is a cute, budget-friendly fidget that wouldn't make noise in the classroom.

yarn braided doll fidgets

by the Craft Train

These dolls are super cute but also would be comforting to use as a fidget. These could definitely be multi-use resources for kids. I've been making worry dolls out of pipe cleaners for years, but this would be softer. Both could double as a fidget and a tool for anxiety.

fidget sticks from craft sticks, washi tape, pipe cleaners and beads

by We Are Teachers

These fidget sticks are made from craft sticks, washi tape, pipe cleaners, and beads. They would easily fit in a pocket or could be stored with school supplies to offer a quiet fidget outlet at the desk.


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fiddle key rings, a diy sensory tool

by Party in the USA

Fidget rings are popular this year at the school I work at. This idea uses metal key rings with beads to create a unique fidget that could be worn as a ring. This site also offers more fidget ideas that look interesting.

free fidget spinner template

from Red Ted Art

This site offers a free template for DIY fidget spinners. They look pretty cool! If you enjoy doing crafts in your playroom, add this to your list!

make your own squishies tutorial

by Red Ted Art

This page has several different ideas for how to make squishies. Some are made from paper, some duct tape, sponges, memory foam, and used packaging material. It looks like you can get a variety of textures using these methods. They can double for stress balls and fidget toys.

by Imagination Magic

This is a short tutorial video showing how to make the slinger from a brass ring, a wooden ball, and 2 rubber bands. It looks cool, but I know some teachers who wouldn't go for this one in their classroom. This may be better suited for an outside-of-the-classroom fidget. But, the kids will love them!

diy fidget toys with free patterns

by Super Mom Hacks

This is a tutorial on how to make key ring fidgets from a keyring, string, and pony beads. These would work well with upper elementary-aged children. Many of my older kids want to do something with their hands while they process the highs and lows of their week. These would be perfect for that!


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easy diy infinity cube

by Moms & Crafters

These are a twist on the fidget cube. I could see the kids being intrigued and wanting to figure out how they work. Click the link to see the tutorial. It also contains a video for further instruction.

easy lego fidget spinner

by Life's a Carousel

This link shows how to make a fidget spinner out of Lego. This will combine two coping skills - building with Lego and fidget spinners. This website offers step-by-step instructions for how to put one together with common Lego parts.


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