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Feelings Candy World - FREE Telehealth Game

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Feelings Candy World is a free online version of feelings candy land.

There are so many free online versions of favorite therapy games, except Candy Land. Ugh! It's my favorite! Many have been using my free printable for the hard copy of Candy Land for years. (You can download it here. Use code CANDY to get it for free.) But, there was a need to play this classic via telehealth. I created a modified version to play via Zoom or your preferred telehealth platform.

This game helps children process emotions while learning assertive communication.

Feelings Candy World is a Google slides document that is compatible with most devices. It will have you save a copy the first time you open it. You can save it to your Google drive, or just open the link each time you play.

Each color represents a different emotion, allowing kids to process times they experienced different feelings.
This is a free counseling game available for virtual therapy.


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